Collection: Vintage Turkish Area Rugs

A collection of assorted vintage Turkish rugs that are handknotted and wool on cotton or wool on wool. These are heirloom rugs and were woven by the hands of women in villages around Turkey between 30-70 years ago, or more in some cases. Every rug is unique and therefore offers a wonderful way to add a piece of history in decorating your home. Each rug is truly a work of art and the artisanal craftsmanship is visible in every knot and thread of fabric. Rug colors are made with natural, vegetable dyes. Wool is incredibly durable, with good stain and water repellency, excellent insulating properties, and is cozy underfoot which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. Overall, Vintage Turkish rugs are incredibly sustainable based on all the above mentioned factors. Our Turkish rugs are purchased through the 10 principles of Fair Trade. We work closely with our suppliers and have built a strong relationship with them.

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  • Montana | 6'5" x 3'4"
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