Vintage Rug & Kilim Pillow Care

vintage rug care

Remove loose or large debris from your rug by shaking it off outside. 


Routinely clean your rug by lightly vacuuming it on both sides. Strong rotating brushes and high suction are not recommended as it can damage the handknotted aspect of the rug. Avoid vacuuming the fringe repeatedly as some of it may be torn off.


Long Term Cleaning: Have your hand-knotted rug cleaned professionally by services specializing in this type of work. DO NOT use dry cleaners or general cleaning companies who often use chemicals that can damage the rug. Never wash your hand-knotted rug or kilim pillow case in the washing machine! This can cause permanent damage.

We do recommend having your rug washed/cleaned by a professional every 1-3 years to prevent build-up and damage to the foundation of your rug. 

Spot cleaning: use a microfiber cloth; a MILD, CLEAR detergent; and HOT water to blot out any spots. Air dry and most spots should come out easily. 

"Immediate response is the key to the prevention of stains which may result from an accidental spill. First, if there are any solids in the spill, scoop these up with a spoon before blotting to avoid pressing them into the fabric. Then right away blot/soak up as much of the liquid as possible using absorbent paper towels, toilet paper, sponge or hand towels, blotting toward the center to prevent the stain from spreading. Also blot the floor on which the kilim rug is laid. When blotting is completed, place a shallow container (such as a tray with a low lip) under the stained area and dilute the remaining stain by passing some clean water through it. Then remove the tray, dispose of the contents and blot up the liquid from the rug, repeating this procedure as often as needed to remove the stain completely.


Stubborn Stains
There may be occasions when your efforts to avert stains from spills are not fully successful, in which case we recommend that you use the services of professional rug cleaners without delay. Don't put it off, because once a stain sets in it becomes that much harder to remove."



kilim pillow care

80% wool, 10% cotton, 10% polyester

dry clean without trichloroethylene or hand wash cold

do not tumble dry

do not bleach

iron on low

spot clean as suggested above under vintage rug care


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